Workplace: Your History is Not Your Destiny

Your history is not your destiny so long as you make different choices that lead you to a new destiny. Whether at work, or at home, the choices we make create our history and shape our futures.

Often, we feel stuck; feel that our past is dictating our future. However, every day we have power over our choices. Shall I stay in this job; or leave? Shall I improve my situations; or give up? Shall I take positive action every day, no matter how small; or shall I put on my negative-attitudes and make things worse? You have choices.

Will you buy your teen a vape? (I know someone who did.) Will you give your kid a car? (Despite poor grades and poor decisions? – Know someone who has done this one too.)  Or, will you encourage everyone you know, to make healthy choices for themselves because their choices affect others, including you?

One choice is to ask others for their observations and insights to learn more about what positive steps you can be taking to ensure that any of your negative past does not define your future, because your history is not your destiny.

Ask trusted others, those who know you well, for input on such questions as:

  • What are the best choices or actions you’ve seen me make or complete?
  • What are the worst choices or actions I’ve pursued?
  • What can I do better right now to create a new future for myself?
  • What skills do I implement well?
  • What skills do I seem to be missing?
  • If you could give me one piece of advice today, what would it be?

Listen carefully to the information shared. Determine which items of information you will immediately take positive action upon. Decide which items you’d like addition inputs on from others and seek that input. Ultimately, make new, improved, more wise choices so that you can shape a new and helpful destiny for yourself.

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