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Annual surveys determine best places to work, top workplaces, and customer-choice bests in our communities. Consider what the results would be if your employees were asked about: alignment; coaching received; connection and feeling appreciated; engagement for productivity and staying with your company; having confidence in the company’s leaders; performance standards such as innovation and open-mindedness; and the basics of pay, benefits, work/life balance, and ongoing education. What might you hear?

Would survey results at your company or organization put you at the top of a good or great list? Start celebrating if the answer is yes. However, if the answer is “no”, get busy. Identify what needs to be done to improve one – or many – categories of being a good place to work; or a good place with which to do business.

Heavy on the minds of people in Boise this week is a shooting that happened in a shopping mall full of customers and employees. Kudos to the employees who knew what to do with an active shooter situation – who knew how to get people safely behind locked doors and away from the gunfire. Kudos to the teams of first responders who showed up to help the injured and to capture the suspected shooter.

Much work remains to be done to discover what happened and what needs to happen from here. We’re still not clear when the mall will re-open.

Do your team members know what to do when danger beyond their control happens? Have you prepared everyone for worst-case scenarios while hoping to never need them? Schools have practice drills for weather events, for active shooter situations, for fires, and for lockdowns meant to keep danger from entering. Workplaces too need safety-plans; evacuation plans; and clarity on steps to take in various weather-caused and human-caused dangerous situations.

Get to work – build your best place to work plans and safety plans this week!

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