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“New” on a product can mean several things to the potential buyer. 1: This is a brand new product you haven’t seen before. 2: This is a previous product that has been modified enough – according to laws and/or guidelines governing such things – that you will think that this is a new product when you use it or eat it.

New ideas. During brainstorming, problem-solving, and regrouping conversations, we look for new ideas to bring forward a solution, to unearth creativity, and to gain buy-in for what needs to happen next.

New-to-me. This typically means the idea or object has been seen and/or used before.

What’s new with you? This question conveys a desire on the asking party’s part to hear from you what has changed in your life, what is new that you haven’t shared before, or what is interesting about your life that you are willing to disclose.

New hire. A new-to-the-company person has joined the organization. A learning curve to fit in and be productive may take days, months, or years.

New. Anything referred to as “new” will have a breaking in, getting used to, or getting up to speed with time that can range from days to years.

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