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Everyone I have spoken with during the first week of the New Year is speaking of new energy and hopefulness. These discussions are not the typical new year, new me, new hope lines of thought. The conversations express a deeply felt belief that things are going to shift for the better for individuals, despite what may, or many not, happen in the arenas outside of our control. I am hopeful too.

Here are some of comments surfacing most often.

“This year has got to be better than last year.” While this hope has largely to do with improved personal, family and friendship health matters, it applies to every arena of our lives. Especially given that health challenges affect every activity we pursue at work and at home.

“I already feel an opening up, a new energy for positive things to happen.” New energy can come from our own attitudes as well as from a felt sense that the world around us is shifting for positive changes. For those who can feel such energy, this brings great hopefulness and creativity to the fore. For all of us, may we experience new energy that positively moves us to accomplish our goals.

“Sharing my message with new groups is a ‘yes’ this year.” The second time in two days that this discussion arose, I was pleasantly surprised. New energy put into refining a story or a message, a workshop or a seminar will bring together new groups of people, hopefully forming new communities of positive action. In some ways the Golden Globe nominated “A Star is Born” speaks to this when Jack tells Ally “You have something to say, something people want to hear. Keep saying it while people are listening.”

The start of a new calendar year is typically about goal-setting and “new you” actions. This new year, make the acquisition of new energy and profitably rewarding projects a priority for yourself and your team.

What new year energies are you ready to experience? Focus on how you can bring new energy into your 2019 week-over-week and daily life.

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