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Below are testimonials from contacts who have worked with Jana Kemp in the public office.

From Representative Mack G. Shirley

“I served with Jana Kemp in the Idaho State Legislature where, as Representatives, we worked together on the House Education Committee. I admired her ability to quickly grasp the key elements of legislative issues and to contribute ideas that aided in the passage of significant legislation.Jana is highly effective in working with others, possessing excellent organizational and human relations skills. She has a strong work ethic, she is intelligent, articulate, well-read, and extremely productive. She has authored seven books about decision making and effective business practices.

In addition to Jana’s professional skills, I am impressed with her personal values and character. She is an honest person of high moral integrity, she is respectful and sensitive to the opinion of others, is a responsible parent and spouse, and a contributing citizen to the improvement of her community and country. I recommend Jana and am confident she would meet your expectations.”

~Representative Mack G. Shirley


From Jennifer Christiano

“Jana is a natural leader and I feel privileged to have supported her during all three of her legislative campaigns. I also know Jana as a close friend. I admire her sworn commitment to pursue what is right instead of what is expedient in all areas of her personal and professional life. Jana embodies the core principles that America desperately needs to embrace in both its civil and political spheres. I look forward to engaging in future social and political adventures with her.”

~Jennifer Christiano


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