Workplace: Good vs Bad Days

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A decade ago, a friend said: “when the bad days outnumber the good days, it is time for a change.” This mantra applies to our work days and to our personal lives. Consider the jobs you’ve had that started out with more bad days than good. Did you leave the job as quickly as was healthy?

Also consider the jobs you’ve worked that started out good, or even great, and then turned into more bad days than good. How did you handle this scenario? Did you keep hoping things would improve? Did a mortgage payment and fear keep you from moving on? Or, did you seize the day and make a change to better your situation?

Whether you’ve taken action or not, determining whether you are experiencing more bad days than good is important to your health, your well-being, and your wealth-earning opportunities. Bad days bog us down – energetically, productivity-wise, and even socially. Good days buoy our energy, productivity, and social outlets. Good days need to outnumber the bad days so that we can stay healthy, happy, and meaningfully productive.

Take a moment to reflect on what constitutes a good day for you. Now, reflect on what makes it a bad day. Is the difference between a good vs bad day the people? Activities? The culture of your workplace, or something else?

Consider what you can do to ensure more good days than bad are a part of your life. What needs to change? What needs to stay the same? Who needs to continue to be in your life? And whom perhaps needs to receive a gracious good-bye?

The number of good vs bad days we experience is to a large extent up to us. We are the choice-makers about where and with whom we spend time, invest energy, share our ideas, and offer our skills. We are the choice-makers about whether we work to make a bad situation better or whether we’ve tried, and nothing has changed. The longer we stay in bad-day situations, the more likely we are to diminish our lives and our well-being. Choose good days. Choose people, places, and activities that bring good to the surface and to your experience each day!

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