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Quotes can prompt thinking, inspire hope – or dread, and remind us of who we are or want to be. Here’s a collection of quotes that have stood out to me lately!

  • “It’s Labor Day – do you know the history of this day?” ~ unknown
  • Workplace Blog by Jana Kemp: “Behaviors we need from leaders right now include:
    • Compassion and Kindness.
    • Understanding that the current unrest and protests are symptoms of larger concerns and problems.
    • Leadership! Take action to solve problems and to support truth tellers.
    • Be aspirational! Call us to our higher selves, best behaviors, and positive potentials!
  • From the September 2020 VOGUE Magazine:
    • “Women view the world through a different lens, so they ask different questions in the first place.” ~ Melinda Gates, p. 117
  • “Sitting down to make an intimate drawing is a conversation, a way of listening to what’s grumbling inside my body, and an attempt to transmit, nonverbally, an experience of being.” ~ Kara Walker, p. 121
  • “What is the future of fashion if we are not leaving our homes?” ~ Laverne Cox, p. 158
  • “It’s like farming; if you exhaust the land, you will not be able to farm anymore. You need to anticipate and rest so that you will have a balanced relationship, and I think it will take time for our (fashion) industry to really include that in its process.” ~ Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermes, p. 158
  • “Products need to be either highly practical and more casual, or they need to make you smile – things that are a bit quirky and could seem frivolous but have the effect of cheering up the consumer. Let’s also remember that after the Spanish-flu pandemic, we had the Roaring Twenties. It is human nature to self-adorn and to want to show off and express one’s personality and mood though clothing. Fashion is a pendulum. The restraint of today will lead to the excess of tomorrow.” ~ Tom Ford, Chair of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, p. 159
  • “I want to carry on making things that are precious. If you have a really strong signature, people will always want that.” ~ Molly Goddard, p. 159
  • “…think and breathe and appreciate things. We need time to absorb a new idea, a new thought.” ~ Michael Kors, p. 176
  • “…create something that makes them stop and say, ‘Wow, I want it!’” Donatella Versace p. 306
  • And, questions we can all be asking ourselves: p. 178, from Miuccia Prada: “What do we do? What is fashion (or anything) for? What are we here for? What can fashion (or any business/activity) contribute to a community?”

Where will your reflections and collected inspiring quotes take you?

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