Workplace: Positive

Workplace: Positive

All of us are learning new things about ourselves and our neighbors, about our co-workers and community members. Some learnings are positive and some not-so-much. As I shared with an out-of-state family member watching too much televised spin and raising her blood-pressure: “don’t watch what upsets you. Find something joyful and positive to watch, listen to, or read!”

Staying positive protects our immune systems far more than being angry, scared, and negative. Being positive makes it easier for those around us to be positive too. Whether working from home or working shifts at your regular places of employment, everyone around you needs positivity, hopefulness, and encouragement.

Day-by-day we will get through this. Cancelled meetings. Technology-meetings. Conference calls. Each approach can still lead us to accomplishing work. Take-out rather than dine in – can keep restaurants alive. Special shopping hours for seniors to feel more confident about getting their needs met makes a positive difference too. Each workplace adaptation can help the larger community’s well-being.

Positive, clear, and directive leadership is also needed. Some companies, cities, counties, and states are in good stead with such leaders in place. Some are not. On our own, we can be the leaders, the confident social-distancers, and the productive problem-solvers so needed each day. On our own we can keep our families as cheerful and healthy as possible. On our own, we can ask our friends and neighbors for help. On our own, we can lead!

In addition to working from home, people are sharing that they are…reading more; getting yardwork done; going on family bike-rides and hikes; cooking fun dishes; trying new recipes; creating a new – one person finished a quilt last week; and tackling spring cleaning with greater sincerity. All examples of using time in positive ways.

Look for the positives. Look for sunlight, joy, and spring flowers in bloom. Look for ways you can bring positive experiences into the day. What positivity are you bringing to life?

Workplace: Managing the moments of our day-to-day business lives takes work. Together, let’s explore    what issues and activities affect us every day (or some days) that we go to work. – Jana

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