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Today’s fast-paced workday sometimes makes taking time out for workshops, conferences, professional development and learning a challenge. Here’s a decades-old solution that is still relevant – and working today: Lunch & Learn.

A Lunch & Learn event happens over the lunch-hour and lasts only one hour. Whether your organization provides lunch, or you ask people to bring their own lunches, you can generate engagement and learning in a short amount of time.

One of my colleagues from the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD – American Society for Training and Development) held a book-club lunch and learn, using my book Moving out of the Box (Stanford University Press). Thanks Lara!

Other organizations have employees share what they’ve learned at a conference during a lunch & learn event. In fact, the sharing component has become a condition of being able to go to conferences in some companies. Industry trends, new product discoveries, and new technologies can be shared topics.

Some companies bring in a guest speaker or author to share content, discuss a book (Thanks again Lara!), or to provide a skill-refresher on technology used throughout the company. Whether you look within, reach out into the community, or seek a professional presenter, you’ve got options. Consider whom in your company has knowledge or skills that could be shared in a lunch & learn setting. Maybe even a tour of a part of the company that is little understood could fit into the agenda. Be creative with the content and how you share it.

What lunch & learn topic could you present? What have you learned lately over lunch?

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