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Workplace: End of year

Workplace: covers the issues and activities of managing the moments of our day-to-day business lives. Five of my seven books speak to daily business skills. Together, let’s explore what affects us every day (or some days) that we go to work.

It is the end of year 2018, literally. Today is the last day of 2018 according to the Gregorian Calendar. Year-end can be measured by a fiscal year-end, calendar year, end-of-treatment 12-month cycles, or other methods comprised of days, weeks, and months. End of year times are also opportunities for reflection on the preceding twelve months.

The last few days have seen postings and printings of the year in review: major events, leadership deaths, sporting accomplishments, movement progress, and more. Each end of year review brings a reminder of events we may have missed or forgotten.

As the holiday weeks wrap up, what are you and your co-workers most proud of for the year 2018? What are the things you’ve learned that you will do differently – or the same – in 2019?

At this 2018 end of year, use the time to prepare for goodness, no matter what is happening on the world stage. Prepare for positive progress, no matter what obstacles may arise. Prepare for the obstacles you are already seeing. And prepare yourself and your team for productive problem solving each week of the year!

Take time to reflect as individuals, as work and project teams, and as an organization on your successes – celebrate them! Take time to reflect on what you will continue doing and what you might choose to do differently. Also, reflect on “the bitter and the better” of your year. For every bitter disappointment or hurt, identify what can be better or happen in better ways in 2019. Record what you want to focus on during 2019, so that at the next end of year, you have new things to celebrate.

Happy End of Year. Happy New Year too. fffff

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