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Last night I smiled thinking about the sofa nests of my, and my daughter’s, childhoods. A sofa nest can be made in a variety of ways. All of which are fun and induce giggles and comfort. Over the years, I’ve made childhood sofa nests in Indiana and Minnesota along with adulthood nests in Idaho.

Sofa nests or forts can be built out of blankets, cushions, and pillows from every room of the house. These nests can be contained on the sofa or can use the sofa as an anchor for blankets and pillows that stretch out to take up the whole room. Our whole-room sofa nests required floor crawling into the various “rooms.”  No worries, we had so much fun that we left it in place for three days.

Sofa nests can include chairs that serve as footrests. These creations allow each nester to have his or her own foot-space and yet still be sitting together to read or watch a movie. Be careful though, your dog or cat may mistake the blanket cover-ups as having solid footing underneath and may fall through (yes, happened to us. Thankfully no injuries followed.).

A wing-back chair version of a sofa nest simply requires pushing the two chairs together to create a two-person close-space nest. This is another fun option for movie watching or reading; for snuggling with the dog; for being read to; or for snuggling up alone in a “new” space.

I’ve heard about dining room tables being used to create tablecloth and blanket forts. Our table has a center section that would prevent much play underneath, as a result, we’ve not built this version of a sofa nest.

On rainy spring days and evenings, sofa nests might be just the fun that you and your family can enjoy together. What sofa nests have you made lately? Are you inspired to create a sofa nest with your kids or with a partner?

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