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Pen and paper. Pens and pencils. Calligraphy pen or brush. What you choose to write a message with is personal preference. Maybe you collect pens during your travels. Perhaps you have one favorite pen and brand and will only ever write with it.

Pen – “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Edward Bulwer-Lytton is credited with saying this. He lived in the 1800s, was an English writer and politician with international experiences. This saying is meant to convey that writing is more effective than military power or violence. And, more lasting in some cases.

Writing a message to friends makes a lasting impression. Sending celebratory notes to family members positively adds to life’s milestones and experiences. Shared memories put to pen in a greeting card evoke connection and hopefully smiles.

Pen it in. This phrase is used when calendaring a date and you are asking someone to hold the date for you by putting the event in pen on their calendar. Sending invitations by mail helps people pen your event onto their calendars. Showers, weddings, parties, and celebrations still benefit from mailed invitation sending. Sure, social media invites work too – for those who are online. Yet, not all of your invitees are likely to be online.

Back to pen as an instrument for writing messages and paper as the message holder. Paper is just one holder of messages you can share – think fabric, home décor, artwork, ceramic objects, metal, wood, or glass. A single word can inspire: breathe, pray, play, shine. A phrase can uplift: all is well with my soul. A sentence can provide support:  I am here for you. And a paragraph can tell a story that is shared or is new to the receiver of your message.

Handwritten, whether happy and loopy, straight and serious, or fast and messy is an intimate sharing of yourself with another person. Handwritten messages become tangible items to hold and re-read, and can become keepsakes.

What is your favorite pen?

On what will you write?

What words and drawings with you share?

Photo note:  Letter writing inspiration. Photo courtesy of NestingCards®.

NestingCards videos here: Welcome to NestingCards – YouTube

Nesting shares ideas for using NestingCards® and tips for creating keepsake memories on these cards which are printed with original images and paintings on fine papers. The written word shares joy, creates memories, and can envelope a sense of home! Enjoy browsing and shopping for fun, for gifts, and for joy-spreading possibilities.

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