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Writing notes, sending greetings, and sharing celebratory well-wishes are all about soul connections. Expressing our emotions in ways that connect us to others – friend to friend, soul to soul.

Perhaps you’ve seen the Disney® movie Soul. In which the discovery that a spark which feeds our souls may not be the thing we want to do day-in and day-out to earn money to pay bills. In which dreams keep people moving forward in positive directions. In which repeats, retries, and redoings happen until a person finds their soul-feeding spark.

Sometimes its not the grand gestures or shiny activities that feed one’s soul. Sometimes it is a kind word, a note of congratulations or appreciation, even a handwritten message of “I’m here for you.”

Sometimes a shared story written in a card is enough to remind people what makes them happy, what sparks their creativity or even inspires their souls.

Other times, the warm hug felt from opening a handwritten card is enough to re-ignite a crestfallen spirit. Or enough to feel remembered and loved.

Sending cards can feed the soul of the sender too. Knowing that you’ve reached out to someone you care about and have a connection to is a soul-feeding experience.

Tucking a travel or special event photo in with your message can bring smiles to your recipient. Including a gift card with a message of uplift and “have dinner on us” may be a great way to celebrate across a long distance – or across town when getting together in person is a challenge.

The card images, paintings, and photographs on card covers can also bring smiles to recipients. Prompting them to hang cards on refrigerators or laundry room bulletin boards, or to place cards received on a mantel or desktop. Keepsake cards keep giving, long after the envelope has been opened.

What card-sending will feed your soul this week?

Photo note:   Lorelle Rau: one of seven card images for NestingCards®.

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Jana Kemp

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