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Birthday greetings are welcome moments of cheer and celebration. Along with holiday card sending, birthdays are the most frequent time to send someone a card.

Here are some of the ways birthdays can be acknowledged and celebrated.

  • Annual birthdays: Whether or not a big celebration occurs, everyone has a birthday every year. Send one, or a series of nested cards, to commemorate the day.
  • Golden birthdays: The year a person turns the age of the date of their birth date is called a Golden Birthday. This happens of course, only once in each person’s life. For example, someone born on the 16th of any month, celebrates a Golden Birthday when turning age 16. These birthdays can be celebrated with nested cards – each card celebrating a milestone in a person’s life.
  • Year of Birth birthdays: Someone born in 2012, turns 12 in 2024; making 2024 a “year of birth” birthday. Another example is that someone born in 1957, turned 57 in 2014, so she received a package of nested cards celebrating her youth, her meeting of her husband, their travels together, special quotes and inspirations, along with “happy birthday” wishes.
  • Shared birthdays: Recognize shared birthdays with cards and gifts that acknowledge both people. A niece born on Louisa May Alcott’s birthday, for a pre-teen year of reading, received a starter package of books by the author. Perhaps the shared birthday is with another family member. Maybe the famous person who shares the birth date is not a favorite of the person – if so, skip the shared birthday option.
  • Aught birthdays: Any time a person hits a birthday ending in a zero, they have an “aught” birthday. Celebrate big: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and so on. This goes for anniversaries at work, friendship anniversaries, and marriage anniversaries too – celebrate big! The aught birthday is a celebration of the number.
  • Decade birthdays: A decade birthday celebrates the entire ten years just lived or looks ahead to the coming ten years. While it sounds the same as an aught birthday, the celebration is different.
  • The Year of Birth: Some cards tell stories and cite events of the year a person was born. Share family stories from that year. Research famous and memorable events and include them in your message.
  • “Over the Hill”: Some people like to celebrate mid-life birthdays as “over the hill”, “you are getting old” birthdays. If the birthday recipient enjoys this brand of humor, nest a series of cards that tell stories about the getting-old events of the person’s life.
  • This is Your Life: Nesting birthday cards can celebrate a series of life’s greatest moments and life’s greatest challenges overcome. Sharing your memories of the birthday-person’s life can bring smiles to recipients.

Whichever way you choose to recognize friends and family, customers and clients, celebrate each person’s birthday!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate birthdays in the cards you send?

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