Workplace: What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name? I was reminded of this when in a coffee shop recently. SLOW BY SLOW, as seen in the photo, has on the wall inside the shop door: “SLOW BY SLOW is the mindset that everything should be done with the time and care it deserves.”

It’s nice to know what the meaning of this coffee shop’s name carries a commitment to preparing coffee and beverages with thoughtfulness and attentiveness to quality. Check out my hot chocolate hearts in hands. Or is it a heart tulip with leaves? This beautiful shape held nearly to the end of my cup! Joy in my cup caused me to be more slow and deliberate in the drinking of my meeting beverage.

When I founded my company, I labored over the name: Meeting & Management Essentials. And over the motto: Improving the productivity, profit, and morale of your workplace. While I found it descriptive; I’ve also found it to be difficult for people to remember…such as Meeting & Marketing Essentials; or Meeting planning (which I don’t do). While I continue to do business as Meeting & Management Essentials, the more memorable name is mine: Jana Kemp. Thus, and Jana M. Kemp, LLC.

Last names strung together worked for Hewlett-Packard; and continues to be used by professional services companies such as law and accounting firms.

Wordplay is sometimes a way for naming a company. One word sometimes does the trick: think Nike. Names shortened to a monogram (International Business Machines = IBM) can work. Or 3M (The Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company) – again too long of a name, so shortened to the iconic red 3M we know today.

However you arrive(d) at your company name: What does your company name mean? Can people remember it? Remember you?

And above the opening quote found on the coffee shop wall: “What does your name mean?”

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