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To bring joy to our spaces, many people decorate their window sills, particularly during the winter holiday seasons. Electric candles, winter scenes, and small decorative objects that remind of us happy people and joy-filled travels are a part of window sill decorations. These acts of sill decoration are what I call SillScaping™.

Look around your home and office. How many window sills have plants, décor, or something that brings joy to the space? In other words, sills used as storage spaces are not sillscaped, they are simply storage.

Some of you may be thinking “why clutter up my space with things?” Fair question. The answer is that your clutter is another person’s reminder of the people, places, and experiences they’ve known that bring them joy, or evoke a smile for the day. SillScaping is an intentional act toward happiness and joy.

For instance, my kitchen sink looks to the south out a double-wide window with a view to the garden and arbors ready for spring pollinator attraction. Four years of framed family Disney® trip photos are on the right-hand side of the window sill. Moving left, a clear-glass house votive holder from a friend, a hand-painted mandala rock from a book-club friend, an agate slice from Peterson Rock Gardens in Oregon that catches sunlight nicely, a small blue tub-like vase from an aunt in Illinois, and a mug from my child that says “Mom is a title just above Queen.” My SillScaping efforts happened over time and reflect dozens of happy memories.

A SillScape can be created with like objects, varying items, a single item, or a vase of flowers. Whatever you choose for your SillScape, let it make you happy every time you see it.

Note: SillScaping™ is an expansion of SinkScaping™ (see: ). Enjoy your own “scaping” as you bring joy into your daily views.

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