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Workplace: covers the issues and activities of managing the moments of our day-to-day business lives. Together, let’s explore what affects us every day (or some days) that we go to work.

Work sometimes requires travel. Sometimes work allows travel as an option. And for some, travel is a part of work itself. Whatever the causes and purposes of your work-related travel, appointing your office while you are away is important to your well-being and work success.

Here’s what I mean. Often when away from the office, others still need to interact with you, to get information, and to keep projects on track. What are you doing to be supportive of your team-mates while you travel? For instance:

  • Does your voicemail let people know when they can expect a return call?
  • Have you set your email to let people know when they will hear back from you?
    • Here’s one I received recently: Hi–Thank you for contacting me. I will be out of the office attending the NY NOW Gift Show Friday 02/01/19 through Thursday 02/07/19. I will be checking emails in the evenings. If you need immediate assistance, please contact our main office.
  • Have you briefed a team-mate on how to locate important files or project components while you are traveling?
  • Can you put clear communication systems in place in case someone needs to reach you while you travel? What and who will be a part of the systems?
  • What else can you put into practice that helps you and your office-mates while you are traveling?

Worried about saying too much in your “I’m away” messages? That’s okay. Be prudent about what you disclose, for safety’s sake. Also, be helpful to your team by providing communication systems for reaching you when necessary.

Yes, it seems like a bit of extra work when all feelings may be focused on “the trip.” However, without putting an hour or two of preparation in place, your co-workers and customers may feel isolated, and let-down, unable to transact the business at hand. Your travel affects others. Please plan and prepare accordingly.

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