Nesting: When the World is Too Much

Jana Kemp’s multifaceted interests shine in Nesting. As an author, facilitator, community contributor, business owner, and parent, Jana watches for the ways in which we nest to create HOME and shares her discoveries in the blog Nesting.

When the world is too much, it is time to nest. Nesting is the act of creating a safe space in our lives to be, just be; to be happy; to explore who we are and who we want to become; and to feel supported in the process. When the world is too much, it is time to set boundaries for ourselves, to protect our time, energy, and resources in ways that fulfill us rather than deplete us.

What are the things that make you feel like the world around you is too much to deal with? For some of us, the attitudes of others or daily news stories have become too much to deal with. One friend stopped news subscriptions for a year in order to regain a sense of peace. For others, a constant, year-round, request for their hard-earned monies has created giving-fatigue that impedes their sense of well-being. Their solution: establish criteria for giving, and then stick to that, no matter how great the cause of the new request.

Too many social engagements can be draining. Be realistic about what you can and want to attend. Too much shopping to do can create exhaustion. Be generous with yourself and ask whether the things are really what matter to you. Too much division in your family dinner discussions can be a signal for healing, or be a clue that you are ready to handle things differently, or even be a clear warning that for your own well-being this is the year to only put in an appearance (or not one at all) rather than to spend an entire day in a divisive environment.

Whatever you choose to do and find yourself feeling, you do have control over how you spend your time, talents, and resources. Choose to find balance. Choose to find joy. And…when the world is too much to deal with, find ways to replenish yourself. Set boundaries that protect you, your time, and your resources. Most of all, keep the faith – in this season of hope, belief, and wonder – that things are going to work out, that we each are loved, and that with the support of our chosen family members and friends, we can deal with all that the world dishes out.

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