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Shipping is a purchasing consideration – for customers and for businesses. Shipping costs were a consumer consideration before COVID. Now, free shipping is the expectation.

Yet, packaging and shipping products costs every shipper money. Which makes shipping a business model cost-requirement. Financial teams work the numbers to figure shipping cost coverage and include those dollars in product costs or handling fees – or the shipper loses money on every item shipped. Some small online businesses have not been able to make it due to the shipping costs and customer expectations that have caused them to lose money.

Historical note: the term shipping dates to the 1300 and 1400s and meant “the act of sending freight by a ship.” Even though not all products involve a ship for delivery, we continue to use the term today to mean delivery by truck, train, ship, or plane.

Receiving shipped items can be a functional experience or one of happy memories and joy. The Farmgirl Flowers package received in December were packaged as beautifully as the arrangement inside. Each layer of unwrapping was a joyful surprise that evoked a smile. The stay-fresh packaging was re-used when the bouquet needed to be transported two days later for a wedding. Still looking as fresh as when the arrangement was made, the flowers were a hit at the wedding and in the memory-keeping photos.

Consider what shipping options your company has for each of its products. Explore whether functional-only shipping (getting the item to the purchaser) or experience and memory-making shipping (creating a positive, lasting impression on the receiver) is right for your company. Brainstorm what packaging and shipping options will delight your customers, save your company money, and generate word of mouth marketing that prompts new customers to buy from you too.

What are your shipping options? Can you improve the choices customers have? Can you improve the receiving experiences of your customers?

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