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A sales training course years ago made the point that the word trust has different meanings to different people: money; feeling safe and secure in a place or with a person; or having a trust fund which provides for a person. All of which is what prompts today’s blog on security, another workplace word with multiple meanings.

Security – people providing or creating protection and safety. Many workplaces have a security team of people involved in creating and providing ongoing security for people, objects, work, and facilities. Some workplaces have identification cards that also serve as access to the building – at security check points staffed by people, or by electronic-card readers. Think “Call Security!”

Security – job security. In the last century, job security meant that a person might hold their job with the same company for an entire career, and retirement from that same company would follow. These days job security seems tied to professions – such as medicine; or to longevity of three or so years. In some organizations, job security is more greatly connected with organizational politics than with job performance competence. This century, think “We can keep you or fire you at any time.”

Security – of place and the people working in it. Physical spaces are meant to let us be productive while we work and to keep us physically safe too. Look around your office with new eyes. Identify all entrances, exits, fire alarms, and escape routes (like the maps on the back of hotel room doors). Know how to call for help from a landline in your building. Does your building have a fire suppression system? Are fire hydrants nearby? Is the building accessible and therefore safe and secure for all users and employees? The safety/security considerations grow long for manufacturing and production environments. Know what should be in place for your workplace and for human safety. Think “We’re doing things with our physical environments as well as possible so we won’t have to call 9-1-1 very often, if ever.”

Security – peace of mind. Having a sense of security can lead to having peace of mind, feeling few worries. This use of the word security is perhaps best described as the ultimate achievement of the preceding senses of security that when in place lead to peace of mind. Think “I/we have peace of mind.”

What is security at your workplace? What needs improving?

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