Nesting: Stories And Wisdom

Shared stories remind us of who we are, where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and what we’ve laughed and cried over. Stories can be short – one note-card. Stories can be long – three or seven nested cards. Stories serve as memory prompts, celebrations of people and events, and as congratulations on how far someone has come, how much growth has occurred, and on what comes next.

What experiences have you shared that are great stories to repeat in writing with family and friends? Where have you been that something scary, funny, or memorable happened? Stories connect us to each other, they uplift us, and they can inspire us to keep going.

When separated by distance, or these days by quarantines, stories reconnect us with friends and loved-ones and convey how much we care. Send a written story as a hug the receiver can keep, re-read, and re-live day after day.

Sharing stories can be purely for fun and uplift. Sometimes stories also contain words of wisdom. Parents can share wisdom and inspiration, encouragement, and celebration with other parents, with children, and with grandparents. Grandparents have life stories and decades of wisdom to share with children and grandchildren. A card a day for one week communicates care and history worth remembering.

Wisdom comes from life experiences, memorable quotes that have guided our behaviors, and from our mistakes and failures too – our life lessons. Sharing your wisdom in writing means others can learn from it for themselves; learn from it about you and your life; and pass along your wisdom generation after generation.

Wise words can be simple – Love more; Be kind. Wise words can come in sentences, paragraphs, and stories. Wise words can be expressed through someone else’s words, a favorite family recipe (hospitality is wisdom), and moments of delight. Wisdom comes in many forms and can be shared in many ways. What wisdom can you share today? This week?

Write down your stories and wisdom. Share them with family and friends. Invite others to share their stories and wisdom too. Maybe a pen-pal exchange of stories and wisdom will lift everyone’s spirits as we weather the winter and look forward to spring!

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Jana Kemp

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