Nesting: Fourth of July

In addition to picnics and fireworks, take time this year to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy and the choices we can make when at work, at home, and when nesting. Because of our U.S. Constitution and its Amendments, we have freedom of speech and the freedom to gather together at any time of day or night.

While we might not always agree with what others have to say, we all have the protected rights to say what we think, speak our minds, and to comment intelligently (or unintelligently). We have the right to be places, do things, and say things that many citizens of the world do not have for even one day of their lives. This country, with all of its challenges, also provides great privileges and rights. We largely have clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe, and the freedom to celebrate alone or with others.

Fourth of July celebrations are often with others: parades, picnics, barbeques, and fireworks. These very gatherings and events are Constitutionally protected. Whether you celebrate in the community, or at home, you have the protected, “peaceable” right to celebrate.

Nesting is about creating a deep sense of home – alone, or with others. For me, home includes safety, support, encouragement and joy. Home includes celebrations and space to express ourselves. My sense of home has been defined and made possible because of living in the United States of America. Our Constitution and Amendments protect our rights and create opportunities for peacefully gathering, complaining, brainstorming and celebrating. Nesting is about seasonal decorations and celebrations and about quiet time to reflect and celebrate. Nesting can happily happen when we are alone, or with others. Nesting knows no limits and is defined best by you and your wants, hopes, and needs. Nesting includes a safe place for tears to fall, for joys to grow, and for life to be healthfully lived.

Let’s all celebrate this: “Congress shall make no law respecting…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…” – U.S. Constitution, First Amendment

Happy Fourth of July!

Nesting is about the objects and experiences that create a sense of home. Without home, it is difficult to maintain health, find joy, or to be productive during our workdays. Enjoy the Nesting series of blogs on your search for a deep sense of home. –Jana

Jana Kemp

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