Nesting: Appliances

Nesting can include appliances. This may sound funny, however there are chores I like to get done – via the use of appliances – while I am enjoying life. The appliances I choose to not live without are a dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, and a clothes-washer and dryer. Having these appliances in my home allows me to multi-task and to not worry about clothes disappearing like they did during college laundry-room days.

Some days I find myself believing that “modern appliances”, read that “appliances blatantly marketed to women in the 1940s coming forward in history”, are both wonderfully helpful and detrimentally debilitating to those wishing for someone else to do the work.

Other days, I am deeply grateful for the appliances that prevent me from back-breaking work and the invested hours in performing that work. For instance, I can start a load in the dishwasher and clothes-washer at the same time and do something else for an hour. Or, because I am fortunate to have these appliances within the walls of my house, I can leave while the work is getting done by the machines. Hooray!

Appliances run from large household items to counter-top sized tools that also improve our ability to get housework, personal hygiene, and kitchen work done. Usually when I think of “appliances” I picture something that plugs into an electrical outlet. When including mechanical tools that get work done in the appliance discussion, one can add whisks, mixers, egg separators, battery operated toothbrushes and so much more. When you think of appliances and work-saving tools, what comes to your mind?

From a different perspective, these appliances are also a part of my nesting experience because they help my “nest” stay clean, fresh, easier-to-mange, and invigorating. These can’t-live-without appliances also help me to maintain a nest that is welcoming to others.

What appliances are you not going to live without because your nesting experience includes them?

As an author, facilitator, community contributor, business owner, and empty-nest step-parent, Jana watches for the ways in which we nest to create HOME and shares her discoveries in the blog Nesting.

Nesting: is a blog about the objects and experiences that create a sense of home. Without home, it is difficult to maintain health, find joy, or to be productive during our workdays. Enjoy the Nesting series of blogs as you search for your deep sense of home. –Jana

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