Nesting: The Holidays

The holidays can fill us with wonder, joy, and hope. Yet, the holidays can also fill us with sadness, dread, and stress. What are you choosing to allow to win this holiday season?

Here are some of the ideas I’m hearing this year for keeping balance and joy a part of the holiday mix.

  • “We’re not hosting this year. We are going out to eat on Thanksgiving – less stress for everyone.”
  • “We’re having thanksgiving family dinner on Wednesday and a family hike on Thursday.”
  • “We’re home for thanksgiving and going out of state for Christmas. Elderly family members who may not live many more holidays are important to visit.”
  • “We’ve decided not to spread ourselves so thin and to stay home and spend the weekend with just our immediate family members. Food, games, leftovers and some quiet-time.”
  • “We spend Thanksgiving with my wife’s family and Christmas with my family. We’ve been doing this for years and it seems to work for everyone.”
  • “Inviting people to our house the day after thanksgiving or Christmas allows us to have immediate family time, and extended family time.”
  • “When things get stressful, I excuse myself and go on a walk by myself; or I find an empty room to be by myself for a while.”
  • “I’m not putting up decorations this year – except for a wreath on the front door. Not because I’m not celebrating, but because I don’t enjoy the put-up and take-down stresses.”
  • “I’m learning to say no and not feel guilty about setting healthy limits for myself.”

The Holidays are full of choices. Choose what works best for you and your immediate family. Choose the places and activities that will replenish rather than exhaust you. Choose joy over dread. Choose smiles over tears. Choose to see the world with the wonder and hope of a young child.

In this season of less daylight, may you find joy and wonder to fill yourself with light and enter in to the new year with hope for the good that lies ahead!

Note: This Jana Kemp post first appeared online November 21, 2018.

Jana Kemp

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