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Meet Joe Black

Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) has it all – success, wealth and power. Days before his 65th birthday, he receives a visit from a mysterious stranger, Joe Black (Brad Pitt), who soon reveals himself as Death. In exchange for extra time, Bill agrees to serve as Joe’s earthly guide. But will he regret his choice when Joe unexpectedly falls in love with Bill’s beautiful daughter Susan (Claire Forlani).

Jana notes: I’ve lost track of how many times of watched this language and image rich film. A modern film captures the epic nature of Shakespeare and contacts so many scenes of pathos and poetry that to catch it all, at least two viewings are mandatory.

Audience: Adults (one love-making scene, tastefully done)

Rating: Pure language-use joy. Thought provoking. Wonderful visuals.

Message Take-away: “Life, it’s hard to let go.” See what others you also find!

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