Workplace: Overselling Creates “Tired of Being Sold”

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Are you noticing what I’ve been experiencing? Overselling is happening on my office desktop and on my cellphone. I’m noticing a weekly bombardment of messages that don’t help me at all, that are not relevant to what I own, and don’t pertain to my financial situation.

I’m tired of being sold. The calls and emails that bombard me weekly don’t apply to me, they want to sell me something I didn’t ask about, they promise me fast ways to pay off loans I don’t have, and those that solicit me for business, I’m tired of them. The poor legitimate salesperson who calls doesn’t get my attention any more either. I’m tired of being sold, tired of being contacted by people who don’t know me or my company and are simply “dialing for dollars.” I’m ready for people who are not auto-dialing or emailing me to redo my business website – which by the way I just revamped in 2018!

Decades ago, when email spams began, I posited that it was theft…theft of employee time, theft of company server space, and theft of the employee focus needed to get work done. Several people chuckled. My argument continued that “junk mail” delivered to our physical mailboxes actually costs the sender something, consumes very little space upon my receiving, and takes little of my time to peruse and toss or recycle. Whereas, junk email costs next to nothing to spam us with and consumes electronic space, hard-drive (now Cloud) space, and employee time.

Now I’ll add: auto-dialing phone systems that attack our cell-phones are also stealing time, minutes-we-pay-a-phone-company-for, and our emotional well-being wherever we are when we get one of these interrupting calls.

Are there any solutions? Yes.

  • Many enterprises have built firewalls to protect employees and the company from being stolen from and employees from being interrupted – thankfully.
  • If you don’t recognize the number, even if it carries your area-code, don’t answer. Let the call go to voicemail and then deal with it accordingly.
  • Tell unsolicited sales calls that are actual human beings to “Remove me from your list.” And they legally are supposed to do so.
  • Some people I know have changed phone numbers and email addresses to get out from under unwanted communications. Might work for you too.

What solutions have you used to stop being tired of being sold and to find more energy in your day?


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