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Driving to early morning meetings, I often see people carrying their insulated lunch bags. Lunch merits a blog because how we eat feeds our brain and fuels our energy levels throughout the day. Healthy eating usually leads to productivity and sound decision making. Unhealthy, or skipped, lunch menus can lead to poor health, lowered productivity and even to agitation with those with whom we work.

The message: eat lunch. Of course, eat breakfast too. Remember the school-day saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” ?  Add to the sayings-list: Lunch fuels my afternoon, so eat around noon. I’ve found that when I do not eat lunch by 1:30 p.m., I end up with a headache around 2 or 3 p.m. Reflect on when and what you eat for lunch. Consider how it is affecting your workday.

Take a lunch. Buy a lunch. Mix-it-up throughout the week. In my 20s I discovered that eating the delicious company cafeteria food was adding pounds. I opted to stop using the elevator, to take the stairs, and to bring a lunch I packed at home. The extra weight dropped off and I managed a more healthy weekly lunch menu by only purchasing a meal at work on occasions rather than daily.

Past blogs have included mention of “hangry” which is the result of being so hungry that a person becomes angry. Eating a healthy lunch at a fairly consistent time can help you prevent hangry times. Eating lunch with others can break up the workday so that you can re-energize for your afternoon. Eating lunch alone may be the break you need when the day is packed with meetings, projects, and people-filled deadlines.

What are you eating for lunch today? Every day? Determine how you, your body, and your daily schedule can most benefit from a good lunch plan. Implement a new, healthy lunch plan.

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