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When was the last time you took a first aid/CPR class? I took a renewal class this month. Things had changed from the last time (over 10 years ago) that I took a first aid class. The American Red Cross offers public classes for one individual to take, or for a company to bring into their offices for employee training and certifications. Other first aid/CPR class providers work in industry-specific sectors to provide advanced aid directions.

Every office needs an easy to locate first aid kit. Office stores and the Red Cross sell these kits with a variety of supply and refill combinations. As a facility user, I like knowing where the first aid kit can be found because I have had to use them to support workshop attendees on more than one occasion.

In addition to the first aid/CPR needs people might have, now there are AED systems in offices and restaurants to help people who have stopped breathing/have no pulse.  These AED systems come in a variety of packages – all have step by step instructions for use. However, having one or more officially trained employees who can confidently use the AED is important.

Consider the first aid/CPR situations you have witnessed and/or in which you have helped out. What supports were needed. I recall a variety of public event settings in which bandages were needed and the first aid kit in my car provided help. I remember one airport return in which a large man was having a heart- attack and no one knew CPR – not the pilots or the flight attendants or the airport personnel. It was a scary scene to witness because it felt like we were in the middle of the wilderness, late at night waiting for help. This particular event was before AEDs and reminded me of the need to get first aid training for myself!

Identify first aid trained people in your office. If you don’t have any, get people training.

Identify CPR providers in your office. If you don’t have anyone trained, get this done too.

Also, identify people who know how to use, maintain and submit reports for the AED in your office.

First Aid/CPR can save a person’s life. Who in your office is a lifesaver? Does everyone know who the go-to people are? YES – great. NO – administer first aid to your office team first and get them training.

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