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Business cards in the last century were THE way to share your contact information – short of taking out a newspaper ad, or maybe a radio/television ad. This century, sharing contact information includes business cards – though less and less – radio, television, social media, websites, video channels and all must be coordinated images and messages.

Which brings us to, what should be on today’s business cards?

  • Name – some cards have a person’s name, some don’t and the person writes a name on the card when giving it out.
  • Address – might be physical, might be website or social media pages, could be all addresses.
  • Email – seems all cards have an email address. Sometimes an email without a telephone number.
  • Telephone number – sometimes a landline and cell number. More and more often, just the cell number contact. Every once in a while, a FAX number still appears.
  • Company logo – yes.
  • Person’s picture – often. If traveling internationally, having a personal photo on your business card is recommended.

Yet, some business people have opted to stop printing business cards. Instead, they gather business cards from others and build, and build, and build, their marketing databases with contact information from the cards they collect.

What’s on your business card? Do you still carry one?

What is your business card strategy?

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