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NestingCards™ are a series of seven cards that fit inside of each other for mailing or gifting. Think of the joy of Russian Nesting Dolls – the opening to discover a new smaller, and smaller doll. NestingCards builds on the same concept providing a greeting, well-wishes, treasure hunt clues, or celebratory messages.

Years ago, when I wasn’t sure what birthday gift a person might enjoy, I decided to write a birthday card for birth and each decade of life thereafter; tuck them inside of each other and present the “package” as the gift (sometimes enclosing a gift card in the smallest envelope). The decades celebrations became such a talked-about gift that I established to make NestingCards and other objects of art and usefulness available to others for their gifting to themselves and to others.

Today, four artists have created card designs exclusively for NestingCards. Two of the four have NestingCards sets available for your gift giving, framing as stand-alone art pieces, or for gracing your own spaces to add color and joy.

In the months ahead, more NestingCards sets will be available. The images, photographs, and original art will inspire you.

Wondering what words to use in the NestingCards? Here are some ideas from a March 2019 post.


We celebrate your _____ anniversary with you!    When you met, it was meant to be.    Cherish the celebrations.    Remember the day you met?    Marriage is challenging in even the best of times, thanks for sticking with each other!     Let’s keep sharing happy family stories!    Remember the time we all….        I was pleased to be a part of your wedding day and continue to celebrate your marriage.     Happy Anniversary!    First you two, then the family grew, we celebrate you!    Gather people you love, look them in the eye, and share how much you love them.    Through the years, you’ve…     Here’s to all the years ahead! (in the smallest card)


Oh happy day!    Happy Birthday!    Cheers were given the day you were born!    Celebrate You, Celebrate Life!    I/We Celebrate YOU.    On the day you were born, celebrations began.    Have some cake.    May your birthday wishes come true.    Just because we are not with you in person doesn’t mean we’re not celebrating you!    I remember when you were (10, or a specific age and tell the story… you can put a different story in each of the seven cards with a gift-card in the smallest card/envelope.)  

Encouragement/Supporting a Friend:

You are AMAZING!    You are spectacular.    You are strong.    You are brave.    You did it – I celebrate you!    You are bold.    You are just toooo much!    Warm hugs are coming your way.    Feel better, much better.    As you and your family manage this transition, celebrate the good.    Way to go – You did it!    Some times are tough, many are rough, you’ve been through enough – we are lifting you up!

Friendly Hello:

You are a wonderful friend.    You bring delight.    You spread cheer.    Your laughter is contagious.    How charming you are!    You spread happiness and cheer wherever you go.   Looking forward to seeing you soon


You make me smile.    Glad we met.    Remember when we…?    You life me up.    You inspire me….We are celebrating ____ years of friendship. Hooray!        Hello You, from happy to be your friend – me.    Smile, I’m thinking of you.


I Love You!    You make my heart sing.    When we met, I …     Smile, I’m thinking of you.    Let’s go to dinner, just the two of us.  I love you true, yes, yes I do.    Thanks for all you do, I love you. Every day I appreciate…     Tonight I just want to …      I got a sitter, tonight let’s…

Memorial of a Life:

We celebrate (person’s name)’s life with you.    I remember when… (share a story or two or three on the smaller cards).     I felt so supported when…    Thank you for including us as friends and family.    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of big transitions.    As you and your family manage this transition, celebrate the good.    Celebrating life is an ongoing process.    We thought we’d share these stories with you…    (Person’s name)’s will always be remembered for…

Nested Sequences for 7 Decades or 7 Memories:

NestingCards, or Nested Cards, are available from Jana Kemp originated this idea and has worked with artists to create sets of 7 cards that you can mail all at once, or that you can mail one-at-a-time, or in combinations. Recipients LOVE the joy of opening one card after another.

largest (1): Announcing the arrival of… on ____(birthdate, or first date of work)

2 When we first met, I …

3 Remember the time we…

  1. Be of good cheer, Happy Birthday(or Retirement)! And here’s to many more.

5 Along with the challenges, recall all of the celebrations you’ve had!

6 I remember the time we…

smallest card (7) Happy, Happy Birthday! (or Retirement) (can include a gift card)

Nested Sequence for a Wedding:

largest (1): Celebrating You Both!

2 When you met, we knew…

3 Congratulations on your new life (home, job, etc)

4 All relationships require work. A marriage requires the most. Take care of yourself so you can take care of each other!

5 Remember when we… So glad you’ve gotten married.

6 Thanks for hosting a party, so we can celebrate you! 

smallest card (7) Enjoy your new life together!  (can include a gift card)


Thank you. We celebrate you. We appreciate your contributions of …to our team.    Great work.    You’ve earned a day off!    Enjoy this new chapter of your life.    Bon Voyage – Enjoy your travels.    Thanks for….     From all of us! (in smallest envelope with a gift card.)

Thank You:

Thank you for the nice things you do.    Thank you for your caring words.     Thank you for your thoughtfulness.     Thank you for your kindness.     Thank you for your gentle thoughts.     Thank you for being so generous.     Thank you for being you. Thank you for remembering us.    Thank you for (list all the things the person did or gave to you…)

Treasure Hunt: You have seven envelopes into which you can put clues to finding a hidden treasure. Think creatively. Keep your treasure-hunters safe too.


We love you both!    Onward to new dreams, while celebrating the old dreams.    Congratulations on your new life.    Celebrating you!    May joy rain down upon you every day.    Never go to be angry – always kiss each other good night.    (Share tips for keeping a marriage strong in one or two of the cards.)

Visit: for more ideas and cards you can purchase.

Nesting is about the objects and experiences that create a sense of home. Without home, it is difficult to maintain health, find joy, or to be productive during our workdays. Enjoy the Nesting series of blogs on your search for a deep sense of home. –Jana

Jana Kemp

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