Nesting: Finishing Touch

Put on the finishing touch. Add a finishing touch to that package. Complete the project with just the right finishing touch. All these sayings mean that something extra is needed to complete the look and or feel of what is before you – a wall, a team project, a painting, a handcrafted object, a sofa, a space, or a feeling.

A finishing touch can include an item, a color, an object gifted by a friend, or an item bestowed upon you by a family member. A cherry on top of an ice cream sundae is a finishing touch. A spring of parsley and a balsamic drizzle provide a finishing touch. Ergo: a finishing touch may last for a moment or a lifetime.

In our homes, a finishing touch might be the pillows we put on a coach, sofa, loveseat, chair or bed. Art on our walls or surfaces can be a finishing touch. At a meal, a finishing touch might be the preparation and presentation of a family member’s favorite dish or dessert.

Sometimes a finishing touch is protecting time for self-care: a bath, a pedicure, an hour to read a book. A finishing touch is meant to bring joy, a breath of fresh air, or moment to regroup with positive energy.

Recently I found a thrift-shop glass plate that looked like a tree. As I looked more closely, I realized that it was a tree trunk quartered into bare branches from winter, flowers for spring, apples for summer, and leaves for fall. The simple elegance struck me and I felt compelled to bring it home. Once home, I added colorful Post-it notes that said “Spring we re-met.” “Summer I fell in love with you.” “Fall we created family events.” And “Winter brings more family times.” This is a surprise gift, a finishing touch maybe, but also an ongoing memento of our ongoing relationship.

Finishing touches are a personal preference. What may be a finishing touch for me may be seen by you as an over-the-top addition. What finishing touch brought you a moment of joy? What finishing touch is needed in your home? Your workspace? What finishing touch can you share with someone else?

Nesting is about the objects and experiences that create a sense of home. Without home, it is difficult to maintain health, find joy, or to be productive. Enjoy the Nesting series of blogs on your search for and creation of a deep sense of home. –Jana

Jana Kemp

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