Workshop: Better Meetings Training

Better Meetings for Everyone!

Learn how to conduct effective and timely meetings, improve meeting productivity, and communicate more meaningfully by an authority in the field. Jana Kemp, author of Moving Meetings, and numerous articles on meeting management, can show you how with practical and easy to implement meeting strategies in workshops ranging from 2 hours to a full day. Meeting skills, minute-taking and more!

Better Meetings Training Program

Get Something Done or Get Out of the Meeting. Learn the tricks of the trade for productive meetings: agendas, meeting transition skills, meeting summaries and follow-up. These 5 sessions draws on 25 years of leading meetings, teaching others to lead meetings, and research on the topic of improving meeting productivity. Based on Jana Kemp’s book Moving Meetings (1994).

Module 1: Leading Effective Meetings

Leading a successful meetings requires the ability to plan, organize and facilitate group process.

Module 2: Agendas For Action

Agendas are your roadmap to meeting success. In this session, learn how to create agendas that keep your team focused and on track.

Module 3: Minute-Taking That Matters

Meeting minutes are hold-accountable tools for getting work done. Learn how to keep them short and actionable. Discover the needs of your meeting groups: verbatim minutes (generally not); key decisions only; or something in between that serves as a meeting history and as a tool for post-meeting action. Drawn from 25 years of leading meetings, teaching others to lead meetings, and to take meeting minutes that matter and lead to post-meeting action.

Module 4: Follow Up For Success

Follow up requires that you contact group members to check on the status of assignments and ensure that meeting participants are prepared for the next meeting. Follow up strategies include task management and the ability to coach others to achieve results.

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North American Book Awards

2017 Travel Category GOLD medal winner Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA relied on Jana Kemp’s ghost-writing services for his award-winning book Life-A-Tecture: Build an Experience-Driven Life.


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