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While traveling to check on aging parents, a variety of business practices stood out during the last two weeks. Here are some discoveries found on the trip.

COVID Contact Tracing: each retirement community required a mask; a temperature check; and a sign-in process. In one case, the entire sign-in process was electronic, printed a nametag to be worn during the visit, and included a sign-out procedure. The technology was impressive.

Customer Service in multiple stores: people were friendly, available to provide information, and were patient when answering questions. Each store had enough staff that customers felt they could ask for help and directions and receive friendly guidance.

Ala Cart Services: Restaurants likely started the ala cart approach to selling. Now, nearly every business can offer a variety of products and services in an al cart format. For instance, massage providers offer time variations, hot-stone, and other options that are add-on to a basic massage. Assisted living environments offer apartments, meals, call-necklaces, nursing support, secured access, secured exits, and dozens of ala cart options.

Airline Communications lacking: Travelers beware. Airlines are changing and/or cancelling flights without any or with very short notice. Check-in online to ensure you have a flight to get on; to ensure the flight you booked is the one the airline expects you to board. When dining out after my changed-flight return, we met a couple whose connecting flight to Denver was cancelled, so they opted to stay in Boise instead of losing days trying to get to Denver. Not everyone has this travel flexibility!

Art Walk: Two days of street fair art experiences along Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota) sponsored by the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce were an uplift and delight! Clearly signed. Vendors brightly marked and the top three awarded with Best of Show signage. Art ranging from $5 to $5,000 was displayed, giving every budget a chance to make a purchase. Food vendors were in one spot with picnic tables brought in just for the event. Live music performances made the experience lively too. During a challenging care-providing trip, this one-hour walk-through was a respite and joy-bringer!

Make travel discoveries and observations next time you are on the road. Bring these observations back to work to explore how your business can be conducted better and can build customer loyalty.

What will offerings and approaches will benefit your business?

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