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Testimonials–Keynote Speaker

Below are testimonials from various events that Jana Kemp has spoke at as a keynote speaker.

Foster Grandparents Program

Jana Kemp greatly enhanced our annual Foster Grandparent Program 2013 Fall Training with her well-prepared, insightful presentation on the sensitive subject of dealing with children of incarcerated parents. By using her book, “Charlie’s Letter”, sharing of personal experiences, and her research on the subject, Kemp provided meaningful talking points, encouraging inspiration, and helpful ways in which the Foster Grandparents could address this issue with the children. Additionally, Kemp provided a list of valuable resources for the Grandparents.

As a bonus, Kemp personally visited with the Foster Grandparents and from those conversations informed our staff of confusion over internal policies and paperwork.

All the evaluations of her workshops reported positive feedback which, for us further confirms Kemp’s excellent facilitative skills and vast knowledge and her dedication directing her energies towards creating safe environments for children and families and therefore engendering vibrant communities.

Alex McNish, Coordinator

Senior Corps, Foster Grandparent Program

Mountain States Group, Inc. Sponsored Program

Boise and Nampa, Idaho


Motorcycle Safety Program

You beat me to the punch! I was just putting together a note to tell you how much we appreciated your time as a valuable part of our program wrap-up and awards banquet. Our STAR Wrap-up was a great success due in large part to your participation. Your presentation was eloquent, well received and a nice break for our motorcycle safety instructors who really appreciated your keynote — you proved that you really ‘get it.’

~Ron Shepard, Director

Motorcycle Safety Program, Boise State University


Idaho Autobody Repair Association

“A passionate speaker and aerobic listener, Jana radiates presence, authority and skill the moment she stands up.”

~Harold Brown, Executive Director

Idaho Autobody Repair Association


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