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A great way to add color and joy to an office, a reception desk, or an employee break room at any time of year. And, more healthy than a bowl of candy!

Thank You gift tags for service providers, vendors, medical offices and more. Deliver these joy-filled thank-you’s any time of year. At $24.95, they fall below most thresholds for giving gifts in the business arena.

Office teams, support teams, doctor, optician, counsellor, and dental offices contribute to our daily well-being. Why not give them a gift that keeps them thinking of you or your company?

Fifty uniquely handmade gift tags are in every box shipped. No two boxes are the same! Made of new and upcycled papers, embellishments, and ribbons, these Thank You Keep The Gifting Going boxes of gift tags, and the tags too, have found their way onto reception desks, gifts, individual desks, and into journals with personal notes about the original gift received.

The open space below the “We Appreciate You! Take-a-Tag. Keep the Gifting Going.” message is for your personalized message of thanks, a company logo-sticker, or a business card. Add your own message for your specific recipients.

At $24.95 per 50-gift-tag box, the gift is under the limit-on-received-gifts that is in place for most industry groups. Refills (50 per refill set) of tags-only are a cost-effective $18.00 (.36 a tag).

Included in the $24.95 set:

We Appreciate You! card for the display box. Add your note, business card or logo to personalize the gift.
Display box.
50 handmade gift tags.
In the refill set for $18.00:

50 handmade gift tags.
Handmade gift tags bring delight to gift recipients. Ready for use, these tags add joy to the wrapping process. Some recipients re-use the tags as bookmarks. Others place the mini-art tag on a bulletin board, refrigerator, or desk top as a reminder of the gift-giver and the gift received. Each tag is individually made so variations exist.


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