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Traveling and commuting can be exhausting. Road-warrior travels can be a health hazardous proposition. Even traveling for shear fun can leave us feeling like we just want to be back at home. TravelNest™ is about taking home on the road so that you still feel healthy and happy.

Some people travel with their own pillows, creating a multi-place TravelNest. I’ve seen college athletes traveling with stuffed animals. One woman takes her husbands shirt, scented with his cologne so her hotel room reminds her of home. Another traveler uses travel-candles to improve the energy of a room. Still others pack tennis rackets, running, shoes, yoga mats, or swim-wear in order to maintain a fitness routine that makes them feel good and at home.

A TravelNest for kids: Back in the days before cars had pockets and storage compartments, my mother sewed an oversized apron of pockets that fit over the front-seat head-rests and secured to the front seat base. We were each allowed to put things in those pockets to keep ourselves entertained on road trips to Colorado and Kentucky to see family. Many trips, there was also a wrapped, hidden surprise of a book or game that we got to open on the second day of the trip. Oh, how we looked forward to those surprises. Begging to receive them only caused the wait to be longer. When traveling with a child, I too have packed a wrapped surprise for opening during a car trip and enjoyed the resulting joyful surprise and enjoyment of the gift. Creating a TravelNest for another generation.

Create your own TravelNest. It doesn’t have to take up much space (like a pillow, equipment, or shoes). Pack a favorite family photo, a treasured book, or travel-perfect sleeping attire. Anything that causes you to feel like you are at home can be a part of your TravelNest.

Plan and build a TravelNest for your kids. The holidays are fast approaching and keeping kids entertained during travel hours makes most trips go more smoothly. Include draw/wipe-off books and games; card games; a license plate game (our favorite is from Melissa & Doug and includes the state capital names); or a surprise new book or learning-app for an electronic device. So many more options exist for today’s parents to engage children in joy and learning.

What’s in your TravelNest?

Note: This Jana Kemp post first appeared online October 3, 2018.

Jana Kemp

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