Nesting: To Feel Better

All of us have things we do, people we want to be with, and rituals we pursue in order to feel better. When people are sick, or under the weather, I often say “feel better, much better” or “speedy recovery.” Sometimes our need to feel better is not about our physical conditions but rather about our emotional and spiritual needs.

This week I had lunch with a mom-friend who understands the challenges of raising a child with social-emotional obstacles to navigating school, and sometimes life. Our time together over a healthy meal includes story-sharing, book suggestions, healthful eating ideas, and just plain healthy human contact!

On weather-cooperating weekends, I walk with another mom-friend who understands the roller-coaster of raising a teen who is challenged to get to school, despite being academically capable. The combined walk-and-talk helps me to feel better.

Phone calls to friends and colleagues help me to feel better about frustrating workplace situations and personal-life obstacles too. The opportunity to brainstorm approaches is also helpful.

In the push for mind-body-soul connections, a friend of 20 years introduced me to yoga – and I couldn’t stand it. In the beginning, yoga did not help me to feel better about anything. Recently, a newer friend introduced me to a yoga studio near my home. I’m LOVING yoga now, along with realizing emotional and physical healing, and gaining metaphorical and spiritual insights that are helping me to feel better after a 2018 year that I hope never repeats itself in my life.

As an extrovert, people-time feeds me and helps me to feel better. Still, there are times when alone-time is the healing salve I need to feel better; when watching a movie or reading a book or card-crafting or crocheting prompt rejuvenation.

What do you do to feel better? Please share what you do so that we can all pick up new ideas. Thanks!

Note: This Jana Kemp post first appeared online February 13, 2019.

Jana Kemp

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