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February has been my month to host book club for several years (having had a summer month previously). Our group has been gathering for nineteen years; largely the same group of us over that time and through moves, births, deaths, marriages, and more. Each monthly host chooses a book, which we all read (mostly) and then discuss over dinner in a home and sometimes at a restaurant.

Book selections range from slice-of-life novels to biographies, historical fiction, and cultural reads. I joined book club to read things I wouldn’t ordinarily read; to stretch my thinking and my language skills. Our group is diligent about actually discussing the book and making certain that each member has an opportunity to speak to/about it.

Book club is so important to feeding my soul (a part of nesting of course) that I calendar the whole year in order to protect our gathering nights. Once a friend noticed that I scheduled Book Club in ink and asked for details. Surprised to learn how long we’d been meeting, she soon discovered why calendared book club nights are protected: fun, great food, good reads, great discussions, idea exchanges, support, and friendships!

February 2019: Lisette’s List by Susan Vreeland was the book I selected. World War II is the back-drop, however the story is really about village life, relationships, art – discovering where it came from; discovering where it went, and about following one’s dreams even when the route takes detours. This book inspired five of our members to gather to make marzipan fruit – so beautiful and delicious – right down to chocolate dipped strawberries. The marzipan hosting member also brought Cezanne-like paper-art objects for collaging after we’d had dinner. Two members went home with collages! Lively conversation, creativity, book discussions, and delicious food made the evening a delightful whole.

If reading feeds your soul, consider joining or establishing a book club. Stretch to read new authors and topics. Support local authors too. Make a book club a part of your nesting experiences.

Note: This Jana Kemp post first appeared online February 20, 2019.

Jana Kemp

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