Workplace: Elevator or Stairs

Take the elevator or the stairs? That is a reasonable workplace question. The elevator may or may not be faster, depending on the number of floors you are moving between. Elevator rides can be great for networking – unless your building culture is to never speak while on the elevator. Taking the stairs is great for building your own strength and stamina, as well as providing personal contemplation time. Metaphorically, the question of taking the elevator or the stairs prompts these workplace and team productivity questions.

Workplace: Clarity

While in and observing public, private, and not-for-profit meetings, we all witness a wide range of clarity. From unclear meeting agendas to poor-thinking meeting chairs; from rambling questions and responses to all out conflict; and from groups lacking decision making skills to failure to accomplish work between meetings – all these scenarios can be improved. We can all learn to listen better, think more clearly, and then to participate with clarity in our processes.