Workplace: Virtual, In-Person, Hybrid

Life HAS changed. The ways in which we interact HAVE changed. Now we are faced with real human interaction decisions about how we as individuals want to, and will, engage with other human beings. No, not masks/no-masks or even vaccine/no-vaccine. This is about how we communicate with each other – or don’t. This is about how we will solve problems going forward. This is about how we will clarify misunderstandings and unmet expectations going forward. What are your teams ready to tackle? Are your communication approaches strong enough to achieve the tasks, goals, and hopes before you?

Workplace: Music

Music can soothe and calm. Some classrooms and businesses play music to create atmospheres for learning and productivity. Music that supports the work to be accomplished in a space or the shopping to be done, or the experience to be had is optimal for workplaces of every size and nature. Unless silence is even better. For some people, silence is the most calming. Some workplaces remain free of background music because silence has been proven more helpful for their teams.