Workplace: Paint

People notice. While they may not say anything, they notice. People who notice poor repair, litter, improper storage places say things – to friends, to health officials, and to colleagues. All of which means you may lose business.

Dedicate an hour a week to stay on top of minor repairs. Daily, or even hourly, clean-up is required in many places of work. And schedule monthly or quarterly repair and clean-up days as needed. Hire vendors to do work in a timely manner. And, enlist employees in the keep-our-place-clean campaign. Pride in the place we work is as important as pride for the work we do.

Workplace: Museum Lessons

Today’s museum lessons for Workplace are connected to trailblazing. The Idaho State History Museum exhibit’s entry includes “I am a Trailblazer – a person who creates a path for others; someone who makes, does, or sets forward on something new.” Every industry, service sector, artistic and performance endeavor, and arena of ideas has trailblazers. Magazines and media recognize these individuals and teams annually. Companies like 3M have innovation awards internally (remember this is where Post-It notes were born) that lead to positive marketplace, workplace, and life changes.