Workplace: Questions

While hosting the Momentum radio program for four years, I had the privilege of asking questions of business owners, authors, inventors, historians, and artists. Joy is the best word to describe the conversations that resulted. One of the Momentum show guests was John G. Miller, the author of QBQ!, the Question Behind the Question. The premise is that any question we are asked may really have another question behind it and that our job is to get to that question behind the original question. Makes you pause doesn’t it?

Workplace: Work-for-Hire

Work-for-hire means that I hire you to do work and I own the results of your work. It can apply to a variety of work outputs. If you agree to the arrangement or a work-for-hire contract, you are giving up your rights to the work in the present and in the future. Some employment letters of agreement/contracts explicitly state that any work you do as an employee is owned by the company too.

Workplace: Will

Why does the word Will matter? Because it can mean so many things and be used in so many ways. American English is full of words that have multiple meanings. A sales skill training workshop years ago proved this with an activity that said “Write down how you define the word Trust.” Half a dozen definitions emerged. Being a word person myself, this was a terrific exercise for gaining understanding that words AND their meanings matter greatly when working to communicate clearly and effectively.