Workplace: And Or

Can we open for business and create safety as required while still making money? This is the current and world question asking on every workplace’s discussion table. One restaurant answered this question with a “No. We don’t feel we can re-open the dining room and keep everyone safe so we are going to continue providing meals for pick-up.” What and thinking would improve your team’s work? What or thinking will support your team’s work?

Workplace: Today

Today is different than yesterday. Tomorrow will be different than today. This is always true. Now, daily changes carry volume and weight that feel more ominous, like storm clouds gathering, holding unknown results. Day-over-day, moment-by-moment, we have choices before us. Today is the day we have. What energy are you putting into today? What energy are you putting into today?

Workplace: Desk-top

Our desk-tops – electronically and physically – communicate to us and to others what we value. They illustrate what we spend our time doing and pursuing. And, they can shout what our working style is because of the visuals they provide to others. What is on your computer desk-top? What is on your physical desk-top? What are you telling yourself? Others?