Workplace: Beyond Walls

Beyond the four walls of your cube or office lies a world mirroring individual thoughts and actions made manifest in daily life events that are both reported and unreported, Snapchatted and Instagram-ed, Facebook posted and re-posted, and Tweeted or kept private. Beyond cube walls you’ll find ideas and concepts that carry you into fields of promise, concern, and joy. Beyond office walls you’ll discover that things happen differently in other places.

Workplace: Hope Again

Anyone who has had a hopeless day, week, month or year knows that hope is what pulls us through. Hope for things to change, to become better, to get a little easier, to be a tiny bit more happy, or to be a large-bit more joy-filled. Hope is an underpinning of resilience and plays a part in our willingness to get up every day. Hope is what we need. Hope is as vital to humans as is oxygen. People hunger for hope because Hope helps us survive challenging times.